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The Dreamcatchers

The Dreamcatchers

by Colin McMahon

Editeur : Pen Name Publishing
ISBN: 9781941541265
Broché: 308
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Date d'affichage: 2020-09-23

La description:

The Dreamcatchers by Colin McMahon Where do we go when we dream? The Dreamcatchers know. Vakarian, along with his fellow nefiri agents, have been watching over us for centuries. They live in the Dream, or rather above it – patrolling for signs of a nightmare or other malicious events. For Dreamcatchers, it is a duty to serve. They happily put themselves at risk to ensure that human children can have safe dreams and grow up without trauma. But a night terror is different. For all his experience, Vakarian has never faced foe such as the one now terrorizing Tony Rodriggi, a nine-year old boy who recently lost his father. This challenge comes at a time when Vakarian is already facing another: his first pupil. How can Vakarian hope to keep Tony safe while simultaneously keeping new dreamcatcher Fidel out of harm’s way? The Dreamcatchers takes readers into a mind-bending world they’ve never experienced before, full of new heroes and villains. Join Vakarian in this heart-racing adventure against Incubus, a shape-shifting night terror with a hidden agenda.