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Mathematics in 10 Lessons: The Grand Tour

Mathematics in 10 Lessons: The Grand Tour

by Jerry P. King

Editeur : Prometheus Books
ISBN: 9781591026860
Broché: 325
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Date d'affichage: 2020-08-12

La description:

Many of us trained mainly in the humanities and liberal arts may respect mathematics as an essential scientific discipline, but have done very little mathematics and often feel intimidated by its rigors. If you've ever wondered what mathematicians mean by the aesthetic elegance of their subject, here is your chance to experience firsthand mathematics' intellectual pleasures. Martin Gardner, in his review of Jerry King's The Art of Mathematics, praised King: "Creative mathematicians seldom write for outsiders, but when they do, they usually do it well. Jerry King, a professor at Lehigh University, is no exception." For ...