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Radiant Identities

Radiant Identities

by Jock Sturges

Editeur : Aperture Foundation
ISBN: 9780893816490
Broché: 93
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Date d'affichage: 2021-03-01

La description:

Radiant Identities. Photographs by Jock Sturges. Introduction by Elizabeth Beverly; Afterword by A. D. Coleman. Whether photographing on naturist beaches in the south of France, in the communes of northern California, or in the affluent East Coast summer resort of Block Island, Sturges is at home with his subjects. 60 blackandwhite duotone photographs, 11 3/8 X 9 9/16, 96 pages. paperback; "In superbly printed black and white reproductions, Radiant Identities brings forth the psychologically soft areas of youth and family. Although Sturges photographs are of today they evoke memories of yesterday and the life and color of the Old Masters. These profound images are drawn from the photographer's own family and