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With the Beatles

With the Beatles

by Alistair Taylor

Editeur : John Blake Publishing, Limited
ISBN: 9781843583493
Broché: 248
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Date d'affichage: 2020-05-30

La description:

Look at the first contract with Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein, and you will see only one other name—Alistair Taylor's. By the band’s side from the very beginning, he beheld the inception and growth of the most extraordinary musical phenomenon of the last century. But he was also there when things started to go wrong—when George Harrison quit the band at the height of their success and when it all started to spiral out of control. And he reveals for the first time exactly what caused their break-up. As Brian Epstein’s right-hand man, Alistair Taylor was with the charismatic manager when he first saw The Beatles perform at The Cavern. Taylor later became the band’s ever-present Mr. Fix-it. He bought islands, handled paternity cases, and became a close and trusted friend. It was he who found Epstein’s body after his suicide and, in the reorganization that followed, Taylor went on to become General Manager of Apple, The Beatles’ record company.