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UX for Beginners

UX for Beginners

by Joel Marsh

Editeur : O'Reilly Media, Incorporated
ISBN: 9781491912683
Broché: 256
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Date d'affichage: 2021-02-22

La description:

In today’s digital world, any product, app, or website requires a professional User Experience (UX) designer to ensure success. With this book, new UX designers will learn the practical skills they need to get started in the field, skills that can be immediately applied to real-world UX projects. UX for Beginners is broken into one hundred short, illustrated lessons, a user-friendly approach that makes learning fun and gives you the foundation you need to succeed as a UX designer. This book is based on the popular UX Crash Course blog at The Hipper Element, which has more than 400,000 readers.