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Crowdocracy: The Future of Government & Governance

Crowdocracy: The Future of Government & Governance

by Alan Watkins

Editeur : Urbane Publications Limited
ISBN: 9781910692158
Broché: 240
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Date d'affichage: 2020-08-09

La description:

The second in the Wicked & Wise series, offering new solutions to seemingly intractable problems Crowdocracy highlights one of the world's fastest growing issues—how will we govern in the future, and who will we be governed by? As a globalized world becomes ever more fractured by the growth of new nations, what is the role of individual governments, blocks of superpowers, and fledgling states? And how will the people of the future affect the power and position of those who govern, and are governed? This is the second in the Wicked and Wise series, each exploring a number of hotly debated and “wicked” issues facing the planet and its people, and offering some intelligent, challenging, and “wise” ways forward that may be able to break through the current intractable position. Each book in the series is coauthored by leading leadership consultant Alan Watkins and a hand-picked expert in each subject field.