Télécharger le livre d'essai en anglais pdf Sexpectativas ellos/ellas (Sexpectations: Sex Stuff Straight Up) (French Edition) 9786073134743

Sexpectativas ellos/ellas (Sexpectations: Sex Stuff Straight Up)

Sexpectativas ellos/ellas (Sexpectations: Sex Stuff Straight Up)

by Craig Murray, Leissa Pitts

Editeur : Montena
ISBN: 9786073134743
Broché: 224
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Date d'affichage: 2020-09-20

La description:

Sexpectativas Ellos/Ellas ofrece un enfoque distinto al que suelen plantear los libros de educación sexual. Los temas se abordan sin tapujos, hablando de tú a tú con los jóvenes acerca de cuándo iniciar o no su vida sexual, cómo ocurre el sexo, por qué tener o no tener relaciones sexuales, qué se siente, así como cualquier duda que un adolescente pueda tener acerca del sexo. ENGLISH DESCRIPTION An upfront, matter-of-fact, and teenage-friendly sex education and sexual health guide book, for both boys and girls, in one easy-to-use flip volume Designed to help teens make healthy, positive choices based on the right information, this guide explores the complex issues teenagers face around sexual exploration, sexual desire, and making the right decisions about sex. Always providing honest and straightforward information, it talks about when to have sex, how sex happens, why you might or might not have sex, what sex feels like, and other important things to know if and when a girl or guy has, or is about to have, sex. But sex isn't just about one person, and the material here goes way past how to put on a condom to explore the tricky areas of pleasure and desire and discuss what's happening with relationships and friends, family, sexual identity, and cultural influences. It takes teens through knowing themselves and their bodies, keeping safe, protecting themselves, thinking through pregnancy, knowing about relationships, and tapping into their personal power to make positive choices. With comments from other guys and girls facing the same experiences, this book talks honestly and respectfully about the hard questions and gives teens some answers they might need.