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Using Microsoft Office Project 2007 (Special Edition)

Using Microsoft Office Project 2007 (Special Edition)

by QuantumPM LLC, Que

Editeur : Que
ISBN: 9780789736529
Broché: 1028
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Date d'affichage: 2020-09-23

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Special Edition Using Microsoft® Office Project2007 We crafted this book to grow with you, providing the reference material you need as you move toward Project proficiency and use of more advanced features. If you buy only one book on Project 2007, Special Edition Using Microsoft® Office Project2007 is the only book you need. THEONLYDESKTOPPROJECTBOOK YOUNEED • Leverage Microsoft Project 2007 to support your management processes, communication and collaboration within your organization • Manage your project through initiation, tracking, controlling, performance measuring , and closing • Model real life project scenarios with the scheduling engine • Define tasks, milestones, summary tasks, and recurring tasks to create your project schedule • Create task relationships, constraints, and perform advanced actions on tasks • Customize the project to fit your needs • Use views, tables, filters, and groups to review your project and application interface schedule • Manipulate Microsoft Project 2007 data using other Microsoft Office applications • Implement Visual Reports to allow 3D models of project data for sharing and analysis • Master advanced features with built-in and advanced manual techniques “Special Edition Using Microsoft Office Project 2007 continues the great QUE tradition of bringing together all of the features and capabilities of our software in a logical, easy-to-follow manner. With the knowledge and experience that QuantumPM, LLC brings to the domain of project management and to the use of Microsoft® Office Project 2007, this book should be on every desktop!” –Mike Angiulo, General Manager, Microsoft’s Office Project Business Unit QuantumPM, LLC is a project, program, and portfolio management product and services firm that helps its clients create pragmatic and valuable solutions to address real world problems. The company combines state-of-the-art tools from Microsoft and other technology leaders, its own expertise, and industry best practices to create solutions that support the way their customers work. QuantumPM services include Management Consulting, Technical Consulting, Training, Hosting Services, Earned Value Management, and Business Intelligence solutions. This book is a culmination of many experiences, people, and industries that together make up QuantumPM, LLC. It includes many insights into Microsoft Office Project 2007 from the experts who have used this tool in the field for many years. Introduction I Getting Started with Microsoft Project 2007 1 Power of Microsoft Project 2007 2 Microsoft Project 2007 Quick Start 3 Microsoft Project and the Project Management Domain II Organizing for Success–Project Initiation and Planning 4 Getting Started After Business Initiative Is Approved 5 Setting Up Project for Your Use 6 Creating Your Project Schedule 7 Defining Task Logic 8 Defining Project Resources 9 Understanding Work Formula Basics 10 Scheduling Single and Multiple Resource Assignments 11 Using Standard Views, Tables, Filters, and Groups to Review Your Schedule 12 Performing a Schedule Reality Check III Project Execution Through Completion 13 Tracking Your Project Progress 14 Analyzing Performance 15 Using Reports for Tracking and Control 16 Revising the Schedule 17 Closing the Project IV Tailoring Microsoft Office Project 2007 to Your Needs 18 Managing Project Files 19 Formatting Views 20 Creating and Customizing the Basic Reports 21 Creating and Customizing Visual Reports 22 Customizing Views, Tables, Filters, Groups, and Fields 23 Customizing Toolbars, Menus, and Forms V Microsoft Office Project 2007 Knowledge In Depth 24 Working with Multiple Projects 25 Resolving Resource Allocation Problems 26 Exporting and Importing Project Data 27 Manipulating Data Using Other Applications Index