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Dim Sum: The Art of Chinese Tea Lunch

Dim Sum: The Art of Chinese Tea Lunch

by Ellen Leong Blonder

Editeur : Crown Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780609608876
Broché: 144
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Date d'affichage: 2021-06-11

La description:

In Cantonese, “dim sum” means “touch the heart,” and Ellen Blonder’s charming celebration of China’s famed tea lunch does just that. More than sixty carefully crafted, authentic recipes, each illustrated with Ellen’s exquisite watercolor paintings, put the key to re-creating these delectable morsels in every cook’s hand. Anyone who has enjoyed the pleasures of a dim sum meal has inevitably wondered what it would be like to create these treats at home. The answer, surprisingly, is that most are quite simple to make. From dumplings to pastries, Dim Sum is filled with simple, foolproof recipes, complete with clear step-by-step illustrations to explain the art of forming, filling, and...