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Maid To Order

Maid To Order

by Penny Birch

Editeur : Accent Press
ISBN: 9781907016264
Broché: 206
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Date d'affichage: 2020-05-21

La description:

Penny's niece, Jemima, is in disgrace and has been sent away to work in a hotel for the summer by her scheming step-mother - a woman who delights in dishing out bare bottom spankings. This is no coincidence. Not only is the hotel owner the notorious Morris Rathwell, organizer of the kinkiest parties in the country, but Jemima also met the hotel manager, Mr Hegedus, at one of Rathwell's debauched parties. Then there are the hotel guests, her fellow staff and the truly appalling Mrs Hegedus to contend with. So that...