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Digital Marketing: Strategies for Online Success

Digital Marketing: Strategies for Online Success

by Godfrey Parkin

Editeur : New Holland Publishers, Limited UK
ISBN: 9781847734877
Broché: 272
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Date d'affichage: 2020-08-08

La description:

The force of the internet and the power of online consumers have dramatically altered the face of today’s world—and it’s essential for every business person to understand and use this resource to its best advantage. Digital Marketing clarifies the complex subject of e-commerce, presenting a simple eight-step strategy for success. Godfrey Parkin presents fascinating facts about both the history and potential of the Internet, and outlines some key tactics for effective Web marketing, including: - Suggestions for designing a Web site that works as a successful business tool - Guidelines for maximizing the effectiveness of search engines, e-mail marketing, and online advertising - Advice on using Web 2.0 and social media to