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Fundamentals of Conservation Biology, 3rd Edition

Fundamentals of Conservation Biology, 3rd Edition

by Malcolm L. Hunter, James P. Gibbs

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ISBN: 9781405135450
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Date d'affichage: 2020-09-17

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<p> <b>Review</b></p> <p> "Drawing on their experience in teaching and instructive writing, the authors provide an accessible, well-organized and updated review suitable for undergraduate and graduate students in various biological and environmental sciences. The book will also serve as a reference work for researchers, and the expressive and lively prose, reflecting the dedication of the authors, will hopefully inspire not only future conservation biologists but anyone who is interested in the richness of life surrounding us." (<i>&#xC9;coscience</i>, Volume 15, Issue 4, 2008) <p>"One could imagine a whole course being based on this book as it has so much to offer." <i>(Journal of Biological Education)</i></p> <p> <b>Review</b></p> <p> "This new edition continues to be an excellent choice for undergraduate courses in conservation biology - notable for its well-honed organization of concepts and its clear prose."&#xA0;<br>&#x2013;<b>Professor Thomas L Fleischner</b><i>, Prescott College</i><br> <p>"This is an excellent text that provides a clear, lucid, and comprehensive summary of approaches used in biological conservation. It should inspire a new generation of conservation biologists."<br>&#x2013;<b>Tim Coulson</b><i>, Imperial College, London</i><br> <p>"My goal is to expose the concepts of conservation biology to the broadest possible student audience. For its combination of accessible writing with rigorous, updated content, <i>Fundamentals of Conservation Biology</i> is matchless."<br>&#x2013;<b>Professor Travis Knowles</b><i>, Francis Marion University</i><br> <p>"Hunter and Gibbs have produced an excellent text, one that uses an array of concrete examples, ethical principles, and theory to challenge and engage students. <i>Fundamentals of Conservation Biology</i> should remain one of the standards in the field for years to come."&#xA0;<br>&#x2013;<b>Dr Christopher Norment</b><i>, SUNY College at Brockport</i><br> <p>"Hunter and Gibbs comprehensively present conservation biology with both clarity and charm. It includes excellent examples and case studies, current issues and topics, and recent references that will certainly appeal to faculty and students in the conservation sciences."<br>&#x2013;<b>Dr Jamie M Kneitel</b><i>, California State University, Sacramento</i><br />