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The Tenderness of Thieves

The Tenderness of Thieves

by Donna Freitas

Editeur : Penguin Young Readers Group
ISBN: 9780147513694
Broché: 352
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Date d'affichage: 2020-09-19

La description:

A summer romance filled with danger and lies All Jane Calvetti wants is a fantastic summer with her three best friends. Four months earlier, Jane was held at knifepoint during an armed robbery, and the specter of that night still haunts her. Her captors haven’t been caught, and the police are relentless in asking her to relive that frightful event. So when Handel Davies—one of her town’s sexy bad boys—begins to take interest in her, she thinks he’s the one person this summer that can help her forget her past and make her heart whole again. But bad boys always have their secrets. Could falling for Handel be the most dangerous thing of all? “Tempting, sexy, and dangerous, this book will steal your heart. I was...completely lured by the story's dark twists and turns.” –Marie Rutkoski, author of The Winner’s Curse "Donna Freitas's stunning prose catapulted this dark, seductive tale straight into my head and heart. This is a perfect read for thrill-seeking teens." —Anna Collomore, author of The Ruining Praise for THE TENDERNESS OF THIEVES: "The meandering, dreamy language—grass is 'tender with the newness of life,' and Jane's desire makes her heart 'flutter like the wings of a hummingbird'—is perfect for the hazy, hot summer days depicted."—Kirkus Reviews "Full of passion, tenderness, and fun...readers will enjoy the chemistry that simmers between Jane and Handel....For a summer romance with a twist, Freitas delivers."—Publishers Weekly  "Both the romance and mystery are skillfully told, with smooth, believable dialogue and well-developed characters....The surprise ending is likely to spark discussion, especially for those with strong feminist viewpoints."—Booklist  Praise for Donna Freitas's previous books: “Love and death are always a potent mix, and in the hands of a talented writer like Freitas, this is especially so.”—Booklist  “This is an amazing story about love, loss, and the healing power of music.”—Morgan Matson, author of Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour “A riveting portrayal of the corruption of power and, ultimately, the triumph of innocence.”—Francisco Stork, author of Marcelo in the Real World