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The Constant Contact Guide to Email Marketing

The Constant Contact Guide to Email Marketing

by Eric Groves

Editeur : Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated
ISBN: 9780470503416
Broché: 224
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Date d'affichage: 2020-08-09

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Praise for The Constant Contact Guide to Email Marketing "Understanding how to build lasting customer relationships is a requirement for any business's success. The Constant Contract Guide to Email Marketing is one of the best combinations of practical insight and actionable advice on that topic that I have encountered." —W. Kenneth Yancey, Jr., CEO, SCORE, Counselors to America's Small Business "I have interviewed Eric on many occasions and am thrilled that he has finally put his wisdom into a book. He is a master of email marketing and truly knows what makes small businesses tick. This book is a must-read for every business owner looking for a leg up against the competition." —Susan Wilson Solovic, CEO, SBTV.com—Small Business Television "Marketing your business without understanding the concepts here would be like driving in Boston for the first time without GPS—lots of wasted time (and possibly tears). If you want a great return on your email marketing investment, start by reading this book." —Michael Katz, founder and Chief Penguin, Blue Penguin Development "We have been using the concepts in this book for the past five years, and they have radically changed how we market our business. Not only have we saved tens of thousands of dollars in postage alone (sorry USPS), but we also generate significant sales every time we send a campaign. This is one book I hope my competition doesn't read!" —Ken Giddon, President, Rothman's NY "Instead of allowing or encouraging clients to distribute endless streams of spam (yuck!), Constant Contact teaches clients to use email marketing to build their businesses in a healthy, sustainable, and profitable way. In the long run, this training means Constant Contact is more of a mentor than a vendor. And it makes all the difference in the world." —Michelle E. Villalobos, CEO and founder, Mivista Consulting, Inc.