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Engineering Problem Solving With C++

Engineering Problem Solving With C++

by Delores M. Etter, Jeanine A. Ingber

Editeur : Pearson
ISBN: 9780134444291
Broché: 624
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Date d'affichage: 2021-03-06

La description:

Best-selling author Delores M. Etter and computer science and engineering educator coauthor Jeanine A. Ingber provide an introduction to engineering problem solving with an object-based programming approach using the ANSI C++ programming language. The authors employ an easy-to-use problem solving methodology to consider a diverse range of grand challenges, including prediction of weather, climate, and global change; computerized speech understanding; mapping of the human genome; improvement in vehicle performance; enhanced oil and gas recovery; and engineering simulation. The emphasis on engineering and scientific problem solving remains as an integral part of the text. Introduces engineering problem solving with the following objectives: To develop a consistent methodology for solving engineering problems. To illustrate the problem-solving process with C++ through a variety of engineering examples and applications. To introduce the concept of object-based programming and the features of C++ that support it, while focusing on the fundamentals of programming. Key features: Presents a five-step process used consistently throughout the text for solving engineering problems. Introduces objects early in the discussion of data types and standard input and output. Discusses fundamental capabilities of C++ for solving engineering problems, including control structure, data files, and functions. Provides flexibility in covering topics. Exposes the reader to the template functions. Addresses one-dimensional arrays and Matrices with an introduction tothe vector class. Explains programmer-defined classes, including overloaded operators and inheritance. Explores the use of pointers and dynamic memory allocation. Includes an introduction to dynamic data structures using classes supported in the C++ Standard Library. Offers an Instructor's Resource CD-ROM with Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.