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Reinventing Sound: Music and Audiovisual Culture

Reinventing Sound: Music and Audiovisual Culture

by Enrique Encabo

Editeur : Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 9781443881050
Broché: 250
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Date d'affichage: 2020-05-23

La description:

Recent years have witnessed a true technological revolution with a global impact upon all areas of society, from entertainment to education. Technology, changing and evolving at increasing speed, undoubtedly shapes ways of seeing the world, something which requires profound reflection in terms of how reality is understood. It is undeniable that in this audiovisual world music plays a leading and prominent role. This is particularly notable when considering the importance of music in relation to the way it is featured on mobile devices and as manifested in terms of other communication technologies, its impact on new narrative forms and the prominence of audiovisual fiction in advertising, and the new ways of creating, receiving and disseminating music on the Internet. This book is divided into two sections, New Media, New Audiences and Music, Cinema and Audiovisual Practices: New Approaches, and the sixteen essays brought together here are the work of an international group of scholars who deal with different geographical and cultural contexts. One of the highlights of this volume is its interdisciplinary re-reading of a complex phenomenon that is undoubtedly a fundamental part of contemporary culture. As such, this collection will be of particular interest to both scholars and non-specialist readers.