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Lucky Peach, Issue 7

Lucky Peach, Issue 7


Editeur : Lucky Peach
ISBN: 9781938073472
Broché: 200
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Date d'affichage: 2021-06-15

La description:

Lucky Peach #7, the TRAVEL issue, is about going places?and sometimes getting lost. ANTHONY BOURDAIN talks Deliverance, Apocalypse Now, and Southern Comfort. HAROLD MCGEE schools us about the (possibly) harmful substances that travel from plastic to-go containers and into our food. ROY CHOI waxes poetic on ?the Aloha spirit.? JASON POLAN visits the most beautiful Taco Bell in the world. And it wouldn?t be a travel issue without travel tips galore: how to avoid traveler?s diarrhea (BENJAMIN WOLFE), the ins and ...