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Android Database Best Practices

Android Database Best Practices

by Adam Stroud

Editeur : Addison-Wesley
ISBN: 9780134437996
Broché: 328
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Date d'affichage: 2021-04-15

La description:

This is the first guide to focus on one of the most critical components of Android app development: how to efficiently save and retrieve information from your app's internal database. Through real-world code examples you can use as the foundation for database access in your own apps, you'll learn exactly how to take full advantage of Android's SQLite database and classes for using and sharing data. Packed with battle-tested strategies for efficiently and securely handling Android database operations, this guide helps you get your data layer right up front, simplifying all facets of data management as you avoid unwanted technical debt. Drawing on his extensive experience with both Android and database development, Adam Stroud offers in-depth insights into these and other key topics: Using SQL's DDL to add structure to a database, and using DML to manipulate data Understanding Android's lightweight SQLite relational database Working with SQLite data persistence Creating databases and using database helper classes Planning database upgrades Querying databases and using the Cursor class Working with content providers and Android's REST-like APIs Applying the database-centric MVC pattern Working with Android data sharing idioms beyond ContentProvider Integrating SyncAdapters, REST, and server data Working with the Data Binding API and overcoming its limitations