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Sewasiw Tigrinya B'Sefihu

Sewasiw Tigrinya B'Sefihu

by Amanuel Sahle, Amanuel

Editeur : Red Sea Press, Inc., The
ISBN: 9781569020968
Broché: 118
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Taille du fichier: 3 Mb
Date d'affichage: 2020-09-26

La description:

Written entirely in Tigrinya, this is a book for the advanced learner of the language. It is a new analytical approach to the complex rules of Tigrinya grammar. Primarily, the author has made use of the traditional Ge'ez (the ancient classical root language from which Tigrinya is derived) grammatical analysis. Where this may be too intricate to be appreciated by the modern student/reader, he has resorted to other comparative grammatical studies, including that of European as well as Amharic grammatical analysis. The modern European approaches are used for comparative purposes and as a sort of guideline, though the author cautions that this work should not be taken as a European grammatical imitation. The book is designed for use as a reference or textbook for high school students, or those who want to study advanced-level Tigrinya. The grammar lessons in each section are accompanied by numerous examples and exercises. Read More Show Less