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Acoustic and midi orchestration for the contemporary composer

Acoustic and midi orchestration for the contemporary composer

by Andrea Pejrolo, Richard DeRosa

Editeur : Focal Press
ISBN: 9780240520216
Broché: 306
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Date d'affichage: 2021-04-15

La description:

<p>Get complete guidance on both traditional orchestration and modern production techniques with this unique book. With effective explanations and clear illustrations, you will learn how to integrate the traditional approach to orchestration with the modern sequencing techniques and tools available. You will discover how to bridge the two approaches in order to enhance your final production.The accompanying CD includes a comprehensive and wide selection of examples, templates and sounds to allow you to hear the techniques within the book.By covering both approaches, this book provides a comprehensive and solid learning experience that will develop your skills and prove extremely competitive in the music production business. * Complete orchestration manual covering both traditional and modern techniques* Versatile, non-software specific, perfect choice for professionals and colleges* Accompanying DVD with examples, templates and sounds brings techniques to life</p> <p> About the Author</p> <p> Andrea Pejrolo (Author) Music Technology Professor, MIDI Programmer, Sound Designer, Composer/Arranger and Jazz Acoustic and Electric Bassist, currently teaching at Berklee School of Music and The New England Institute of Art, Boston, USA.<br />