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Mysticons: Prophecy of Evil

Mysticons: Prophecy of Evil

by Sadie Chesterfield

Editeur : Imprint
ISBN: 9781250165121
Broché: 128
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Date d'affichage: 2021-06-16

La description:

Mysticons: Prophecy of Evil by Sadie Chesterfield This junior novelization retells storylines from many episodes of the hit new show Mysticons! In Drake City, where magic and technology meet, four girls are brought together by an ancient prophecy. Princess Arkayna, her friend Em, and street kids Zarya and Piper are transformed into the Mysticons—heroes with incredible magic powers. Now a new prophecy foretells an attack by a terrible dragon—and reveals that Arkayna has a secret twin sister! But will the true identity of this secret sister tear the Mysticons apart? And who will save Drake City from the dragon if the Mysticons don’t work together? Based on the animated television series, and includes an 8-page color insert with artwork from the show! Mysticons characters, designs, and elements © 2018 Nelvana Limited. Mysticons is a trademark of Nelvana Limited. All rights reserved. An Imprint Book