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Memory Marathon: Serpentine Gallery

Memory Marathon: Serpentine Gallery

by Jochen Volz

Editeur : Walther König, Köln
ISBN: 9783863354657
Broché: 352
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Date d'affichage: 2020-05-24

La description:

In 2012, the Serpentine Gallery staged the Memory Marathon, the seventh Serpentine Marathon. The event explored memory, archaeological excavation and historical recordings through interactions between artistic practice and scientific inquiry. Among the more than 60 participants were vocalist Michael Stipe; filmmakers Amos Gitai and David Lynch; historians Jay Winter and Donald Sassoon, who explored the theme of "War Memory"; neuroscientist Israel Rosenfield with writer John Hull, robotics expert Luc Steels and mnemonist Ed Cooke; artists Olivier Castel and Ed Atkins; and scent expert Sissel Tolaas. Other contributors include astronomer Dimitar Sasselov; writers John Berger and Douglas Coupland; poet John Giorno; cultural historian Marina Warner; author and technologist China Miéville; artists Gilbert & George; architects Jacques Herzog, Pierre de Meuron and Fumihiko Maki; and composer Gavin Bryars with poet and painter Etel Adnan.