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Hackish C++ Pranks & Tricks

Hackish C++ Pranks & Tricks

by Michael Flenov

Editeur : A-List, LLC
ISBN: 9781931769389
Broché: 350
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Date d'affichage: 2020-06-02

La description:

Demonstrating how to write hacking programs, this collection of hacking tricks teaches programmers how to create software pranks and network programs. Nonstandard C++ programming techniques as well as undocumented functions that will make others smile and allow users to demonstrate practical skills in programming and computer support are covered. Special attention is paid to the creation of compact programs that are useful for those interested in optimizing programs. Network programming and how to program for the Internet or an intranet, how to create a fast port scanner, and how to write pranks are discussed. In addition to pranks and network programs, hacking algorithms are described so...