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Black Ops, Vietnam: An Operational History of MACVSOG

Black Ops, Vietnam: An Operational History of MACVSOG

by Robert M. Gillespie

Editeur : Naval Institute Press
ISBN: 9781591143215
Broché: 320
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Date d'affichage: 2020-05-22

La description:

On 2 May 1968 SSgt. Roy Benevidez was at Operation Daniel Boone's Quan Loi Launch Site listening to the radio transmissions of a recon team in deep trouble. Three Americans and nine Nungs operating in the Fishhook area of Cambodia had been attacked by communist troops. Benevidez joined the extraction team rushing to the aid of the beleaguered unit. Reaching the scene of the action, he jumped from the hovering helicopter and ran seventy-five yards to the team's position, taking an AK-47 round in the left leg and grenade fragments to the face and head on the way. After administering first aid to the wounded and distributing ammunition, he directed the remaining men in fighting off the attacks, but not before hcwas shot in the abdomen and took more grenade fragments in his back. The pilot of the rescue helicopter was mortally wounded and could not control the ship, which plowed into the LZ. Benevidez pulled the wounded from the aircraft and, as he was applying first aid to one of them, was shot in the right thigh. Ignoring his wounds, he rallied the survivors and called in air strikes.... Operating in the deadly shadows of Vietnam, Benevidez and the men of MACV SOG conducted some of the most obscure and usually unheralded-though Benevidez was justly awarded the Medal of Honor-operations of the war. In Black Ops, Vietnam, Gillespie unearths the actions and illuminates the personalities of the members of this clandestine group, whose contributions to the military effort in Vietnam remain shrouded in secrecy.