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Wild Shores

Wild Shores

by Radclyffe

Editeur : Bold Strokes Books
ISBN: 9781626396456
Broché: 240
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Taille du fichier: 6 Mb
Date d'affichage: 2020-09-28

La description:

Gillian “Gem” Martin is the lead biologist on the Wildlife Emergency Response Team called in to head off a catastrophe as an oil spill heads right for a wildlife sanctuary on the Northeast coast. Austin Germaine is a troubleshooter, the hired gun for a big oil company, whose job is to keep the news of an offshore oil tanker leak quiet until the mess can be contained. If it can be. Too bad word of the spill gets out, and Gem and Austin find themselves reluctant allies in a race against time to divert the spill and save the wildlife refuge and its endangered inhabitants—all while battling an attraction neither wants to admit. Austin really needs to win Gem’s cooperation to battle the press and preserve the company’s reputation, but the prickly environmentalist seems determined to distrust her, especially when she discovers Austin’s role in the cover-up. Gem might be more inclined to forgive and forget if Austin weren’t the kind of dangerous charmer she’d learned the hard way to never believe, and never let close. A high stakes race against time, the forces of nature, and the strongest power of all—the desire of the human heart. A First Responders Novel