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The Western Herbal Tradition

The Western Herbal Tradition

by Graeme Tobyn

Editeur : Kingsley, Jessica Publishers
ISBN: 9781848193062
Broché: 394
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Date d'affichage: 2021-04-12

La description:

This fully illustrated colour guide offers comprehensive coverage of 27 plants key to the herbalist's repertoire, charting 2000 years of herbal medicinal history in the West. The systematic analysis of these herbs through key texts from the Graeco-Roman period to the present will transform your practice of phytotherapy, as the herbal knowledge from these different sources is illuminated and assessed. In each chapter you will find clear information on identification, uses and recipes, as well as recommendations on safety, prescribing, dosage and full academic references. The Western Herbal Tradition reveals a deep understanding of the true essence of what each plant can offer, as well as a fascinating insight into the unique history of contemporary herbal practice. This book is a valuable resource for everyone interested in herbal medicine.