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Great Pianists on Piano Playing

Great Pianists on Piano Playing

by James Francis Cooke

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This edition features • illustrations • a linked Table of Contents Great Pianists on Piano Playing Study Talks with Foremost Virtuosos CONTENTS 1. The Artist's Life 2. Are Pianists Born or Made? 3. The Story of a Wonder-Child Pepito Arriola 4. The Pianist of To-morrow Wilhelm Bachaus 5. Artistic Aspects of Piano Study Harold Bauer 6. Appearing in Public Fannie Bloomfield-Zeisler 7. Important Details in Piano Study Ferruccio Busoni 8. Distinctive Piano Playing Teresa Carreño 9. Essentials of Touch Ossip Gabrilowitsch 10. The Real Significance of Technic Leopold Godowsky 11. Analyzing Masterpieces Katharine Goodson 12. Progress in Piano Study Josef Hofmann 13. Piano Study in Russia Josef Lhévinne 14. Seeking Originality Vladimir de Pachmann 15. Modern Pianistic Problems Max Pauer 16. Essentials of Artistic Playing S. V. Rachmaninoff 17. Systematic Musical Training A. Reisenauer 18. The Training of the Virtuoso E. Sauer 19. Economy in Music Study X. Scharwenka 20. Learning a New Piece E. Schelling 21. What Interpretation Really Is S. Stojowski Read More Show Less