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Barozzi Veiga Arquitectos

Barozzi Veiga Arquitectos

by Jose Zabala Roji

Editeur : Park Books
ISBN: 9783906027524
Broché: 296
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Date d'affichage: 2020-08-13

La description:

Barozzi Veiga Arquitectos are a Barcelona-based firm that was established by Fabrizio Barozzi and Alberto Veiga in 2004. In their first decade, they have built—and won awards for—major projects in Spain, Poland, Switzerland, and other European countries. This beautifully produced volume is the first comprehensive monograph on the firm. While it features the standard elements of such a work—including images, drawings, plans, and contextual references for all the firm’s major works—it also aims to offer more, presenting a broader, more intellectual take on Barozzi Veiga’s output and the way that it reflects the firm’s desire to find and draw on the primal condition of each location where they build.