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The Smack: A Novel

The Smack: A Novel

by Richard Lange

Editeur : Little, Brown and Company
ISBN: 9780316327626
Broché: 368
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Taille du fichier: 10 Mb
Date d'affichage: 2020-09-18

La description:

The Smack: A Novel by Richard Lange "Lange's prose is masterful, his sense of pacing unfaltering, and he writes about characters on the cutting edge of life." —William Boyle, Los Angeles Review of Books (on Angel Baby) Rowan Petty is a conman down on his luck. Tinafey is a hooker who's tired of the streets. Their paths cross one snowy night in Reno, and they hit it off. An old friend of Petty's turns up with a rumor about a crew of American soldiers who smuggled two million dollars out of Afghanistan and have stashed the money in an apartment in Los Angeles. He thinks Petty's just the guy to steal the cash. "You wouldn't even have to grab all of it for it to be a great score," the friend says. "Getting your hands on just some would make you a happy man." Petty decides to drive down to L.A. to investigate. Tinafey decides to go with him. Bad move, Petty. Bad move, Tinafey.