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P. N. Elrod Lunchtime Reading Omnibus

P. N. Elrod Lunchtime Reading Omnibus

by P. Elrod

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ISBN: 9781463776633
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Date d'affichage: 2020-05-30

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P. N. Elrod Lunchtime Reading Omnibus by P. Elrod PREVIEW! Excerpts from ALL stories: http://www.vampwriter.com/E-EXCERPTS.htm Elrod's picked 15 of her favorite short works for this multi-genre collection spanning 15 years of publication. Also included is a never before published VAMPIRE FILES story, featuring her urban fantasy vampire PI, Jack Fleming! Each story has been polished afresh for this anthology, with pages of new material added. Titles: 1. A Night at the (Horse) Opera (Vampire Files, Fleming) 2. The Breath of Bast (Vampire Files), Ecsott) 3. Bossman (Original mystery, no vamps) 4. Slaughter (Vampire Files, Fleming & Gordy) 5. The Devil's Mark (Original historical vampire) 6. You'll Catch Your Death (Vampire Files) 7. Izzy's Shoe-In (Historical mystery introducing Izzy DeLeon, fearless girl reporter!) 8. The Quick Way Down (Vampire Files, Fleming and Gordy) 9. The Scottish Ploy (Original romance/mystery) 10. Grave-Robbed (Vampire Files, Fleming) 11. The Company You Keep (Vampire Files, Gabriel Kroun) 12. Death in Dover (Jonathan Barrett before he got vamped, historical mystery) 13. Drawing Dead (ALL NEW VAMPIRE FILES, Fleming) 14. King of Shreds and Patches (Hamlet from a different point of view, mystery) 15. Fugitive (Science fiction/space opera) 16. BONUS STORY! The Wind Breathes Cold (Quincey Morris: Vampire) REVIEWS OF ELROD'S OTHER BOOKS: This entertaining first installment in a new series by the author of The Vampire Files offers deft touches of wit, beauty and suspense. - Publisher's Weekly. "Elrod knows how to pace the action without resorting to caricature. These characters, including the vampires, believable...a pleasure to know!" - Library Journal "Clever characterization, wicked wit, and palatable mayhem...[an] entertaining detective romp" --Publisher's Weekly "Filled with snappy action and sharp dialogue, and featuring a likable hero, Elrod's latest is certain to be a hit with the fang-loving crowd." - Booklist "Characters are well-drawn, the good and the bad ... The book's chief joys are the voice of Jonathan and the portrayal of Tory life during the American revolution." - LOCUS Elrod ups the stakes (pun intended) in this latest, and best installment of the Jack Fleming saga. Chills, thrills, and dark doings in '30s Chicago, heralded by the arrival of a darkly fascinating new vampire character with a deadly secret. Elrod takes her universe into unexplored territory with Dark Road Rising." - Rachel Caine, author of the Morganville Vampire series "The book is as dark and decadent as blood and chocolate. The writing pops, and Jack Fleming is a narrator to die for." --Caitlin Kittredge, author of the Nocturne City series. "The setting is captivating, the characters are original, and the plot will leave you hungry for more." --Lori Handeland, author of The Nightcreature series "Dark Road Rising kept me up all night. A satisfying, smart, genuinely savvy read-with a lot of bite!" --Lilith Saintcrow, author of the Dante Valentine series.