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Strokes of Genius 7: Depth, Dimension and Space

Strokes of Genius 7: Depth, Dimension and Space

by Rachel Rubin Wolf

Editeur : F+W Media
ISBN: 9781440336713
Broché: 144
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Date d'affichage: 2021-02-27

La description:

There is something almost magical about looking at a two-dimensional surface and experiencing a visceral sense of depth and dimension. In this 7th edition of the celebrated Strokes of Genius series, 120 of today's best artists share successful approaches to creating that wondrous illusion of space--from a tight, shallow place that reflects the emotional state of the model, to wide open vistas that seem to go on forever. Inside you'll find: 135 inspirational drawings in charcoal, pencil, pastel, colored pencil, pen and ink, scratchboard and more An exciting diversity of styles and techniques, presented in subject-themed chapters: portraits, landscapes, animals, still lifes and figures Practical artist-to-artist advice, insights and anecdotes you won't find anywhere else Books on art theory put forth concepts like contrast, edges and perspective. Strokes of Genius brings those theories to life, showing how today's artists put them to work. Each drawing is a unique, real-world lesson on how to manipulate value, light, shadows, details and more to evoke a feeling of depth and invite the viewer in.