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Brain Teasers For Clever People

Brain Teasers For Clever People

by Kiran Srinivas

Editeur : Reed, Robert D. Publishers
ISBN: 9781885003997
Broché: 126
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Taille du fichier: 4 Mb
Date d'affichage: 2020-08-10

La description:

To succeed in life, you must "think outside the box." This cliché is used to describe creative, non-standard approaches to problem solving. But how does one learn to "think outside the box?" Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. Author Kiran Srinivas believes that you can significantly improve your thinking abilities, and his book Brain Teasers will force you to think in ways you never have before. By sheer practice, you can increase your ability to think creatively.Many of the puzzles in this book will take hours, if not days, to solve, but be encouraged, a middle-school education is sufficient to answer almost all of the puzzles. There are many interview puzzles, and if you ...