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Violacion: Una historia de amor

Violacion: Una historia de amor

by Joyce Carol Oates

Editeur : Da Capo Press
ISBN: 9780786714827
Broché: 154
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Taille du fichier: 4 Mb
Date d'affichage: 2021-02-24

La description:

Haunting and moving, this short but powerful novel explores sexual violence and its aftermath. On her way home from a party, Teena Maguire is beaten, gang raped, and left for dead in the park, all of which is witnessed by her 12-year-old daughter Bethie. Now Teena can only regret that she survived, and Bethie is left to take care of her mother in her fragile state as the investigation and trial unfold. Alternating viewpoints are employed to narrate this horrific story, and redemption is finally offered thanks to a young police officer who knows the meaning of justice and love. Inquietante y conmovedora, esta breve pero poderosa novela explora la ...