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Pro SQL Server Administration

Pro SQL Server Administration

by Peter Carter

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ISBN: 9781484207116
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Date d'affichage: 2020-08-06

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This book brings SQL Server administration into the modern era with strong coverage of hybrid cloud environments, In-Memory OLTP, and installation on Server Core. This comprehensive guide to SQL Server Administration for today’s DBA helps you to administer the new and key areas of SQL Server, including Columnstore indexes and the In-Memory OLTP feature set introduced in 2014. You will also be guided through the administration of traditional areas of SQL Server, including how to secure your instance, monitor and maintain your instance, and to use features such as AlwaysOn to make your instance highly available. Also covered is the use of SQL Server features to scale out read-only workloads. Pro SQL Server Administration is an all-new book taking up-to-date and modern approach that you'll want and need to further your career as a SQL Server database administrator. In this book, you'll find: Extensive coverage of hybrid cloud environments involving Azure SQL Database Detailed discussions on all new, key features, including AlwaysOn and in-memory support Comprehensive coverage of key skills, such as monitoring, maintenance and indexing What you’ll learn Create minimal installs on Windows Server Core in support of virtualization and corporate clouds Improve performance through deployment of in-memory tables and columnstore indexes Manage hybrid cloud environments Monitor SQL Server with Extended Events Administer indexes, including non-relational and columnstore indexes Employ AlwaysOn to make your data highly-available, and to scale out reporting workloads Who this book is for Pro SQL Server Administration is for serious database administrators who are looking to develop their knowledge and skill set in Microsoft SQL Server. The book is especially useful to those managing hybrid cloud- and on-premise environments, especially involving Microsoft Azure. Table of Contents Part I: Installing and Configuring SQL Server Chapter 1: Planning the Deployment Chapter 2: GUI Installation Chapter 3: Server Core Installation Chapter 4: Configuring the Instance Part II: Database Administration Chapter 5: Files and Filegroups Chapter 6: Configuring Tables Chapter 7: Indexes and Statistics Chapter 8: Database Consistency Part III: Security, Resilience, and Scaling Chapter 9: SQL Server Security Model Chapter 10: Encryption Chapter 11: High Availability and Disaster Recovery Concepts Chapter 12: Implementing Clustering Chapter 13: Implementing AlwaysOn Availability Groups Chapter 14: Implementing Log Shipping Chapter 15: Backups and Restore Chapter 16: Scaling Workloads Part IV: Monitoring and Maintenance Chapter 17: SQL Server Metadata Chapter 18: Locking and Blocking Chapter 19: Extended Events Chapter 20: Distributed Replay Chapter 21: Automating Routine Maintenance Chapter 22: Policy-Based Management Chapter 23: Resource Governor Chapter 24: Triggers Part V: Managing a Hybrid Cloud Environment Chapter 25: Cloud Backups and Restores Chapter 26: SQL Server Data Files in Windows Azure Chapter 27: Migrating to the Cloud