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Nimzo-Larsen Attack

Nimzo-Larsen Attack

by Byron Jacobs

Editeur : Everyman Chess
ISBN: 9781857442861
Broché: 192
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Date d'affichage: 2020-06-05

La description:

The Nimzo-Larsen Attack (1 b3) enables White to take his opponent out of his stride from the very first move. By avoiding the theoretical landmines of openings such as the Sicilian and King's Indian Defences, White is able to steer the game towards a pure battle of chess skill, rather than a test of memory. Furthermore, as the games of exponents such as Grandmaster Julian Hodgson have shown, the Nimzo-Larsen Attack often provokes an overreaction by Black, causing him to overextend his position and thereby leave himself open to an early knockout blow.This guide explains the basic elements, strategies and tactics for both sides. It provides everything you need to start playing the Nimzo-Larsen Attack straightaway and ...