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Cyclopropanes in Organic Synthesis

Cyclopropanes in Organic Synthesis

by Oleg G. Kulinkovich

Editeur : Wiley
ISBN: 9781118057438
Broché: 432
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Date d'affichage: 2020-09-21

La description:

This is a practical guidebook about cyclopropanes that thoroughly surveys derivatives and transformations, synthetic methods, and experimental efficiency as a gateway for further research and development in the field. • Provides comprehensive lists and synthetically-oriented synopses of cyclopropane chemistry review references along with publication data on applications in the syntheses of natural and related biologically active compounds • Acts as a resource to help readers better understand cyclopropane applications for the efficient realization of synthetically important organic transformations and popular experimental procedures • Includes new developments and up-to-date information that will lead to original methodologies for complex organic synthesis • Stresses universality, flexibility, and experimental efficiency of a strategy based on preparing cyclopropane derivatives and performing ring cleavage reactions with inexpensive reagents • Focuses on the synthetic potential of cyclopropane applications, for example the synthesis of natural compounds and other target-oriented syntheses via cyclopropane intermediaries, as well on their planning by retrosynthetic analysis