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Hand Reflexology: Key to Perfect Health

Hand Reflexology: Key to Perfect Health

by Mildred Carter, Tammy Weber

Editeur : Prentice Hall Press
ISBN: 9780735201286
Broché: 336
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Date d'affichage: 2020-08-02

La description:

Now you can achieve lasting relief from aches, pains, and illness by unlocking the healing energies already present within your body -- quickly and easily, with the help of the centuries-old secrets of reflex massage. Hand Reflexology guides you step-by-step through the simple finger-pressure techniques that send soothing relief surging to the sources of pain and discomfort. This modern health classic helps you access the reflex centers where pain begins, and shows you how to make it disappear with a touch of a finger -- all without resorting to expensive drugs, difficult therapies or invasive surgery. You'll also learn how to apply these ...