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Threat Level Alpha

Threat Level Alpha

by Leo J. Maloney

Editeur : Kensington
ISBN: 9781516103317
Broché: 400
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Date d'affichage: 2020-09-23

La description:

Threat Level Alpha by Leo J. Maloney “Dan Morgan is one of the best heroes to come along in ages.” —Jeffery Deaver   Black Ops veteran Leo J. Maloney delivers a high-level thriller that spans the globe, changes the game, and raises the threat level to all-out, worldwide destruction  . . .   THREAT LEVEL ALPHA   They strike without warning, in key locations around the world. In Russia, a Soviet-era storage facility is raided by terrorists. In the Phillipines, an important international conference is under siege. In the United States, Dan Morgan is stalked by Russian agents. And at Berkeley, Morgan’s daughter is kidnapped with other students and taken to a remote laboratory. The attacks are neither coincidental nor random. They are part of a carefully orchestrated plan by a new and merciless organization. As Zeta Division struggles to make sense of the international chaos, Dan Morgan races to stop a deadly biochemical weapon—one that Morgan’s daughter is being forced to help build…   Praise for Leo J. Maloney and His Novels    “Rings with authenticity.”—John Gilstrap   ”Fine writing and real insider knowledge.”—Lee Child   “Everything a thriller reader wants.”—Ben Coes   “The new master of the modern spy game.” —Mark Sullivan   “A ripping story!”—Meg Gardiner   “Maloney has a real winner.” —Marc Cameron