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Wine Marketing and Sales

Wine Marketing and Sales

by Janeen Olsen, Liz Thach, Paul Wagner

Editeur : Board and Bench Publishing
ISBN: 9781935879442
Broché: 416
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Date d'affichage: 2020-09-21

La description:

Wine Marketing and Sales by Janeen Olsen, Liz Thach, Paul Wagner The bestselling wine marketing book in the English language is fully revised and updated to meet the newest challenges and opportunities of modern global wine markets. New topics include social media marketing, sales and marketing metrics, complete regulatory compliance, website strategies and graphic design, brand strategies, demographic changes, and wine tourism. Wine Marketing and Sales covers every conceivable aspect of marketing and selling wine, from basic theory and principles, to the practical application of sales and marketing strategies in the real-world, brand-saturated marketplace. Written by three of the industry’s most respected wine business professionals and educators, this book puts new and powerful tools into the hands of veteran brand managers, and the vast bank of wine marketing knowledge within reach of the untrained winery owner desperate for a foothold.