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GI Endoscopic Emergencies

GI Endoscopic Emergencies

by Louis M. Wong Kee Song

Editeur : Springer New York
ISBN: 9781493930845
Broché: 286
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Date d'affichage: 2020-05-23

La description:

This volume provides a concise, yet comprehensive, state-of-the art overview of GI endoscopic emergencies. Although the emphasis is on endoscopic management, peri-procedural considerations, adjunctive medical therapy, and clinical approaches to commonly encountered GI emergencies are discussed in detail. This sets the stage for the in-depth review of current as well as innovative devices and techniques for endotherapy in GI emergencies. Technical aspects of endoscopic procedures are emphasized and supplemented by online video clips to enhance the educational experience. Written by experts in the field, GI Endoscopic Emergencies serves as a valuable resource for practitioners who deal with GI emergencies.