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PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice

PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice

by Matt Zandstra

Editeur : Apress
ISBN: 9781590599099
Broché: 487
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Date d'affichage: 2020-08-08

La description:

Backed by a tireless development community, PHP has been a model of language evolution over its 10+ year history. Borne from a contract developer’s pet project, these days you’ll find PHP powering many of the world’s largest web sites, including Yahoo!, Digg, EA Games, and Lycos. PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice, Second Edition shows you how to meld the power of PHP with the sound enterprise development techniques embraced by professional programmers. Going well beyond the basics of object–oriented development, you’ll learn about advanced topics such as working with static methods and properties, abstract classes, interfaces, design patterns, exception handling, and more. You’ll also be exposed to key tools such as PEAR, CVS, Phing, and phpDocumentor. What you’ll learn Write solid, maintainable code by embracing object–oriented techniques and design patterns Create detailed, versatile documentation using the powerful phpDocumentor automated documentation system Gain new flexibility during the development process by managing your code within a CVS repository and using the Phing build system Capitalize upon the quality code of others by using the PEAR package management solution Who this book is for PHP developers seeking to embrace sound development techniques such as object–orientation, design patterns, testing, and documentation.