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Genes and Behavior: Nature-Nurture Interplay Explained

Genes and Behavior: Nature-Nurture Interplay Explained

by Michael Rutter

Editeur : Wiley
ISBN: 9781405110617
Broché: 290
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Date d'affichage: 2020-05-30

La description:

In this major new book, eminent scientist Professor Sir Michael Rutter gets behind the hype of the behavioral genetics debate to provide a balanced and authoritative overview of the genetic revolution and its implications for understanding human behavior. Written by one of the world's leading figures in child psychology and psychiatry, Professor Sir Michael Rutter Provides non-technical explanation of genetics to diffuse the sensational debates surrounding the topic Sets out in layman's terms what genes do, how much is nature and how much is nurture Argues that nature and nurture are not truly separate and gives examples of how the two interact Looks at the implications of genetic findings for policy and practice The book will inform public debate about the implications of the Human Genome Project and, more broadly, the field of genetic science Read More Show Less