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Kids' Travel Guide(TM) to the Armor of God

Kids' Travel Guide(TM) to the Armor of God

by Gwyn D. Borcherding, Beth Robinson

Editeur : Group Publishing (CO)
ISBN: 9780764426957
Broché: 112
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Date d'affichage: 2021-04-18

La description:

The world is a scary place, but God is greater than it all! The newest edition of the Kids' Travel Guide series leads your Sunday school or midweek program on a 13-week Scripture-based exploration of the armor of God. Lead them to have a faith so bold they'll be able to stand firm in the midst of terrifying or unclear situations. Kids (levels K-5th grade) will explore how to be strong in the decisions they make, and in relationships with others. Kids' Travel Guide™ to the Armor of God is perfect for helping children learn about spiritual issues in a non-threatening and empowering way. # In each of these 13 lessons, you will take your kids on a travel adventure with: In-Focus Verse around which the adventure is