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Amazing Optical Illusions

Amazing Optical Illusions

by Gianni A. Sarcone, Marie-Jo Waeber

Editeur : Carlton Books
ISBN: 9781787391635
Broché: 96
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Date d'affichage: 2020-09-29

La description:

Slip into another dimension and experience the brain-twisting extremes of optical illusions!   Are your eyes and brain ready for a challenge? Then hold on tight because these picture puzzles will blow your mind! Through a clever use of color, angles, and ambiguity, they trick your perception and confound your sense of reality. Watch as ladybugs seem to walk in circles on the page and a nest of vipers uncoils. Look out a window and gaze at the view—or is that a painting of a view from a window? How is it possible? Detailed explanations reveal the science behind the visual effects, letting you know what you’re seeing and why you see it that way. Amazing Optical Illusions presents a range of deceptive images, impossible objects, and incredible worlds, all in a cutting-edge style that is instantly engaging.