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Amos Burn: A Chess Biography

Amos Burn: A Chess Biography

by Richard Forster

Editeur : McFarland & Company, Incorporated Publishers
ISBN: 9780786477265
Broché: 984
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Taille du fichier: 25 Mb
Date d'affichage: 2020-08-11

La description:

One of the leading chess players of the late 19th century, Amos Burn is the central focus of this work meant to draw out the links between the chess play in the past and the praxis of today. The non-chess biographical information is kept to an absolute minimum and even his career is less of a focus than on game-play itself, with games from his various tournaments frequently described in chess notation with commentary by author and Swiss chess master Forster. In all, nearly 900 games are described. Also included ...