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John 1-11: New Testament Commentary

John 1-11: New Testament Commentary

by John MacArthur

Editeur : Moody Publishers
ISBN: 9780802407719
Broché: 528
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Date d'affichage: 2021-05-01

La description:

Unleashing God's Truth one verse at a time "Clear, reasonable, understandable, devout-all things and more can be honestly said about this generation's greatest single-author pastoral commentary set. The MacArthur New Testament Commentary series is a help to Christians and preachers. Forged in the study, fired in the pulpit, these comments on the whole New Testament are a gift from one who loves Christ, given to Christ's bride, the church." -Mark Denver, pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, D.C. "Dr. MacArthur's love for the Scripture and his many years of diligent study have resulted in a resource that is a great gift to the Body of Christ. I have found this tool to be a great help as I study the Word and teach it to women. I often refer to this set of commentaries to enhance my understanding of the text and to shed light on difficult passages and questions." -Nancy Leigh DeMoss, author, Revive our Hearts radio teacher "John MacArthur has provided a compelling example of pastoral ministry based on the Word of God. Now the fruit of that ministry is available to us all: careful attention to the text of Scripture and faithful theological exposition, all in the service of the church of Jesus Christ. Both pastor and layperson will benefit for years to come from this unique commentary series." -C.J. Mahaney, president of Sovereign Grace Ministries "The MacArthur New Testament Commentary is nothing less than a library of faithful exegesis and exposition. This project is unparalleled in our times, and John MacArthur has produced a masterful commentary series that demands attention and deserves a place in every preacher's library." -R. Albert Mohler, Jr., PhD, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY