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The Immoralist (L'Immoraliste): A Dual - Language Book

The Immoralist (L'Immoraliste): A Dual - Language Book

by Andre Gide

Editeur : Dover Publications
ISBN: 9780486426952
Broché: 208
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Date d'affichage: 2020-08-09

La description:

One of Gide's best-known works, The Immoralist concerns the unhappy consequences of amoral hedonism, telling the story of a man who travels through Europe and North Africa and attempts to transcend the limitations of conventional morality. The author's simplicity of style is skillfully retained in this translation, which also preserves the passion of the original. The famous novella of a man who pursues every impulse regardless of moral consequence; his immorality resides in his languid duty to be happy.