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Batman: Two-Face/Scarecrow Year One

Batman: Two-Face/Scarecrow Year One

by Bruce Jones, Mark Sable

Editeur : DC Comics
ISBN: 9781401222468
Broché: 200
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Date d'affichage: 2020-05-21

La description:

This two part collection casts light on the shadowy origins of two of Gotham City's most ruthless villains, featured both THE DARK KNIGHT and BATMAN BEGINS, The Scarecrow and Two-Face. Dr. Jonathan Crane or "The Scarecrow" as he is better known, was a brilliant psychologist but suffered through a torturous upbringing. Through the use of a "fear gas", The Scarecrow wreaks havoc on Gotham City by exploiting the deepest, darkest fears of his enemies. District Attorney Harvey Dent, a one-time friend of Batman and champion for justice, has his life changed forever when his face is disfigured by acid in an attack ordered by one of Gotham's crime bosses. When ...