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Love, Medicine, and Miracles

Love, Medicine, and Miracles

by Bernie S. Siegel

Editeur : MJF Books
ISBN: 9781606710487
Broché: 242
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Date d'affichage: 2020-08-02

La description:

The mind and the emotions have an enormous effect on the body. Your attitude and outlook, what you think and what you feel all strongly influence your progress in overcoming serious illness. And the most powerful stimulant to the immune system is unconditional love. Controversial when first published in 1986, Love, Medicine & Miracles was soon accepted as a groundbreaking report on the mind-body connection when scientific data from government-funded studies proved the truth of its ideas. And the truth is love heals. This is not some simplistic, feel-good, New-Age cliché. As surgeon and author Bernie S. Siegel reveals, love may be the hardest ...