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Waltz Into Darkness

Waltz Into Darkness

by Cornell Woolrich, William Irish

Editeur : Ishi Press
ISBN: 9784871876100
Broché: 340
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Date d'affichage: 2020-05-22

La description:

Before you look at another Internet website offering quick romances with easy girls, hear the sad tale of Louis Durand who, like you, was a lonely man looking for love. He found it, that is true, through a mail order bride service, not unlike the Internet services available today, and it did provide him with quick and easy love plus great sex, but it also led him down the primrose path to destruction, murder and death. Waltz into Darkness enjoys the rare distinction of having been made into two different movies. More than that, the plot is so timely in today's times that the plot could easily be made into several more movies now. This is because the plot...